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Me.asia product sourcing and procurement service.

Is a procurement agent, drop ship and transit system that are offering product sourcing and procurement service from China to Laos, Thailand to Laos and China to Thailand. We currently have both website and APP with fully functional to guarantee the quality of service.  We are developing a system to have API linked to Thai website for product sourcing from Thailand. It will be serviced soon.

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Mekhai.com  online to the offline marketplace for Lao PDR. 

Is an online to the offline marketplace for products and services. It is central information for buying and selling between sellers, buyers and local delivery provider. We start by developing in Laos market and plan to expand throughout ASEAN countries.

Me Ship International logistic service.

Offers an international land and sea freight by cooperated with Deuan Sawanh Co., Ltd. We develop an innovative logistic system for better tracking your products. We currently offering China-to-Laos, Thailand-to-Laos, and China-to-Thailand logistic.

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Mesolutions.me   ERP - Odoo.

Offer consulting service and provide SaaS Software as a Service - ERP Enterprise Resource Planning system with Odoo platform, which low cost. We offer business management training for SMEs and mekhai.com marketplace sellers, in order to help manage their business to be more transparent and effective.